14200 - Manufacture of articles of fur

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 14200

  • Apparel made of fur (manufacture)
  • Lambskin clothing (manufacture)
  • Manufacturing furrier (manufacture)
  • Mats and rugs made of fur (manufacture)
  • Moleskin finishing (manufacture)
  • Muffs made of fur (manufacture)
  • Rugs made of sheepskin (manufacture)
  • Rugs made of skins (manufacture)
  • Stoles made of fur (manufacture)
  • Trimmings made of fur (manufacture)
  • Industrial polishing cloths made of fur (manufacture)
  • Hatters fur (manufacture)
  • Garments made of rabbit fur (manufacture)
  • Artificial fur and articles thereof (manufacture)
  • Capes made of fur (manufacture)
  • Clothing made of sheepskin (manufacture)
  • Cravats made of fur (manufacture)
  • Fur skin assemblies including dropped fur skins, plates, mats and strips (manufacture)
  • Furrier (manufacture)
  • Furskin articles (manufacture)
  • Furskin assemblies (manufacture)
  • Furskin pouffes, unstuffed (manufacture)
  • Wearing apparel and clothing accessories made of fur (manufacture)