26309 - Manufacture of communication equipment other than telegraph, and telephone apparatus and equ

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 26309

  • Aerial (domestic) (manufacture)
  • Reception apparatus for radio-telephony or radio-telegraphy (manufacture)
  • Relay link apparatus (manufacture)
  • Relay transmitters (manufacture)
  • Satellite relay (manufacture)
  • Television camera (manufacture)
  • Television receiver (manufacture)
  • Television transmitter (manufacture)
  • Transmission apparatus for radio-broadcasting (manufacture)
  • Transmitter-receivers (manufacture)
  • Transmitting and receiving antenna (manufacture)
  • Transponders (manufacture)
  • Video conferencing equipment (manufacture)
  • Radio-telephony apparatus (manufacture)
  • Radio frequency booster stations (manufacture)
  • Radio communications equipment (manufacture)
  • Aerial (non-domestic) (manufacture)
  • Aerial reflectors (manufacture)
  • Aerial rotors (manufacture)
  • Aerial signal splitters (manufacture)
  • Amplifier for broadcasting studio (manufacture)
  • Cable television equipment (manufacture)
  • Camera for television (manufacture)
  • Closed circuit television equipment (CCTV) (manufacture)
  • Fixed transmitters (manufacture)
  • Ground station for relay satellite communication (manufacture)
  • Monitoring equipment for radio and television (manufacture)
  • Radio beacons (manufacture)
  • Video signalling equipment (manufacture)
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