47599 - Retail of furniture, lighting, and similar (not musical instruments or scores) in specialise

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 47599

  • Beds (retail)
  • Household furniture (retail)
  • Household non-electrical appliances (retail)
  • Household utensils (retail)
  • Kitchen units (retail)
  • Lampshades (retail)
  • Lighting equipment (retail)
  • Office furniture (retail)
  • Pottery (retail)
  • Soft furnishings (retail)
  • Wickerwork goods (retail)
  • Household furnishing articles made of textile materials (retail)
  • Household articles and equipment n.e.c. (retail)
  • China (retail)
  • Cork goods (retail)
  • Crockery (retail)
  • Cutlery (retail)
  • Domestic furniture (retail)
  • Earthenware (retail)
  • Electrical security alarm systems e.g. Safes and vaults (not installed or maintained) (retail)
  • Gas appliances (retail)
  • Glassware (retail)
  • House furnisher (retail)
  • Wooden ware (retail)
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